Early thoughts on Mango

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Months ago I purchased an HTC HD7. I’ve used it on and off since then, I really enjoy it but it was primarily purchased so that I could learn about about WP7, literally, so that I could learn how to sell it, and how to identify the target customer.

I went through the update process to get Mango (WP 7.5) on it last night, and here are my early thoughts.

  • Windows update is a pain in the ass. Adding the layer needed by Zune just makes it worse.  Having to update it, just to update it, so that I could apply the final update seems soooo 2001.  Get it right.  A single update should be all that is needed.
  • The copy and paste method is klunky,  I can’t consistently get the input screen to select text.  This is possibly a me error though.
  • Battery life seems to be better.
  • I like the new built in app search.  I like how it repurposed the search button for a web search by default.
  • I really like how the multitasking works, a lot.
  • HTC’s attentive phone was a pain in the ass to find, but I like how it is not integrated right into the settings.  Well done.
All in all, I actually really like using WP7, and I think that Microsoft is onto something with it.  The interface is brain dead simple to use, is incredibly consistent across apps as well as devices, and anyone can become a pro with about an hours worth of playing with it.
There is the rub though, and what keeps driving me back to Cyanogenmod on my SGS2.  It’s so easy to use, it gets boring for those of us with attention spans that you can measure in minutes.  It’s not very tweakable, there is definitely not a lot of customization going on, and it loses my interest quickly, no matter how much I actually like using it.

It’s about damn time

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

PPCA Newsletter. May, 2010.
Liste de distribution du PPCA Mai 2010.

  1. Party status / Des nouvelles du Parti
  2. Contributions
  3. Next online meeting / Prochaine réunion en ligne
  4. A Canadian DMCA within 6 weeks? / Un DADVSI /DMCA canadien d’ici les prochaines 6 semaines?

Party status

As of April 12th, 2010, the Pirate Party of Canada exists! The papers were filed, the bureaucrats were satisfied, and now the Canadian federal political scene is one player greater in number. To the members who made this happen, a giant kudos to you! We will become officially registered when we run a candidate, and we’ve already began scouting for some. If you know someone who would represent the party and it’s goals well, or if you think that stepping up to join the political fray is in your future, email candidates@pirateparty.ca. An important thing to remember is that the more candidates we run, the greater the chance we will hit the magic 2% of popular vote. If we can get to that number the PPCA will be paid a stipend per vote which will greatly ease the ever present bane of federal politics known as fund raising.

Speaking of candidacy, Mikkel has posted a proposed amendment to the constitution of the PPCA regarding the selection of candidates at http://piratepad.net/sBuXuDgjTL. This is the process that we will be using for quite a while, so we would do well to get it right now. Read it over and if you have any questions be ready to ask them at…

This last month was a new high for the PPCA in terms of both local and national media coverage. More of our members spoke to more media personalities representing more media outlets than ever before, and if the responses from the public are any indication, we are being very well received indeed. Check our forum for links for all that’s available for viewing on the intertubes. As well, major “thanks” to our friends in the media for their support and exposure, and keep in mind we’re always available for round #2.

Let’s finish with some membership numbers. According to the Pirate Party website we currently number 1804, with 361 of us having paid for membership cards. The cards are on their way, so hang in there if you are waiting for one with bated breath. Also, Stephane wants information on potential suppliers of shirts, caps, flags for cars, etc., because this many members means we need to get more promo and our current supplier has proven to be unworkable. If you have suggestions for suppliers let him know on the forum here.


As a new federal party a great amount of work needs to be completed to be ready when the writ drops. That means if you want to contribute your talents now is the time. We all have skills that can be useful, and the less we contract out to third parties the more money we save for the all important election campaigns. The next meeting will be covering a lot of topics that will affect us for years to come, and the more people who get involved today the greater the chance of creating a strong and vibrant federal party tomorrow. Finally, assuming you haven’t already done so, now is the time to get yourself a full paid membership. https://crm.piratepartyofcanada.com/membership_fee.php?eid=Wkl0L0ZsRUJidlU9&ref=23.

Aside from the obvious financial boost this gives the PPCA, Governing Parties look at these numbers and decide how much weight to place on the primary issues of each of the opposing parties. Additionally, media uses these numbers to decide just how many inches/pixels/minutes of coverage to grant the PPCA. Put simply, good paid membership numbers for the PPCA means our issues get moved one little step higher in the mind of PMO and on the national media agenda.

Next online meeting

Our next IRC meeting will be on Wednesday the 19th of May 8:00pm EDT. Just so nobody misses the meeting;
irc://irc.pirateparty.ca/canada SSL port 6697 or visit our website at http://www.pirateparty.ca and click on “Chat”.

  • 5:00 pm PDT (BC)
  • 6:00 pm MDT (Alberta)
  • 6:00 pm CST (Saskatchewan)
  • 7:00 pm CDT (Manitoba)
  • 8:00 pm EDT (Ontario/Quebec)
  • 9:00 pm ADT (New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/PEI)
  • 9:30 pm NDT (Newfoundland)

A Canadian DMCA within 6 weeks?

This is a last minute addition that is worth a lot of attention. After bill C-60, C-61 and the ACTA, Stephen Harper now wishes to enable a Canadian version of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This ain’t only a blatant attack on our rights as it jeopardizes fair use, it also kills competition and free expression. This will not be tolerated.

Liste de distribution du PPCA Mai 2010.

Des nouvelles du Parti

C’est maintenant officiel: en date du 12 avril 2010 le Parti Pirate du Canada sera officiellement une option lors des prochaines élections fédérales! Un gros merci aux membres qui travaillent d’arrache-pieds pour faire du PPCA un véritable parti et à ceux et celles qui nous supportent dans notre quête d’un usage sain et non-commercial des droits d’auteurs.

Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche de candidats. Que ce soit parce que vous pensez avoir ce qu’il faut, ou même si vous avez l’intérêt de nous aider sans nécessaire avoir de l’expérience en politique, envoyez-nous votre candidature à candidates@pirateparty.ca

Un fait saillant est que le plus grand nombre de candidats nous représenteront, le plus de chance que nous aurons d’atteindre la barre magique des 2% qui nous permet d’avoir du financement!

Aussi, le mois d’avril a marqué le niveau le plus haut d’achalandage médiatique. Ceci est principalement dù au fait que notre Parti est maintenant officiellement reconnu. Nous aimerons remercier tous les gens nous ayant aidé à faire passer le mot ainsi qu’aux médias ayant été intéressé à nous accorder du temps d’antenne. Nous espérons fortement vous rejaser bientôt!

En terminant, nous sommes actuellement rendu à 1804 membres, incluant 361 membres ayant payé pour une carte de membre. Ne soyez sans crainte, les cartes s’en viennent le plus rapidement possible. Aussi, nous sommes actuellement à la recherche d’un fournisseur d’articles promotionnels car nous avons beaucoup de problèmes avec notre fournisseur actuel. N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous si vous pouvez nous être d’une aide quelconque


Défendant les droits des canadiens/nes, nous avons besoin d’argent pour aider à faire rouler notre mouvement. Soyez certain/ne que vos dons ne servent qu’à financer nos événements, campagnes publicitaires ainsi qu’à faire avancer l’agenda du Parti Pirate du Canada.

Si vous ne l’avez pas déjà fait, veuillez vous enregistrer en tant que membre de notre Parti afin que nous concervions notre droit à la vie privée: https://crm.piratepartyofcanada.com/membership_fee.php?eid=Wkl0L0ZsRUJidlU9&ref=23&lang=fr

Merci de votre support.

Prochaine réunion en ligne

Notre prochaine réunion en ligne aura lieu le mercredi 19 mai à 20h EST sur IRC à l’adresse irc.pirateparty.ca en utilisant le port sécurisé 6697 ou en visitant notre site à http://www.partipirate.ca et en cliquant sur “Chat” dans la barre du haut.

  • 17:00 PDT (CB)
  • 18:00 MDT (Alberta)
  • 18:00 CST (Saskatchewan)
  • 19:00 CDT (Manitoba)
  • 20:00 EDT (Québec/Ontario)
  • 21:00 ADT (Nouveau Brunswick/Nouvelle écosse/IPE)
  • 21:30 NDT (Terre-Neuve)

Un DADVSI / DMCA canadien d’ici les prochaines 6 semaines?

Ceci est un ajout de dernière minute: il semblerait que notre premier ministre veut déposer une loi du style Digital Millenium Act ( http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMCA ) ou connu sous le nom de DADVSI chez les Français ( http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/DADVSI )

Le Parti Pirate du Canada s’oppose fortement à un tel projet de loi car cela brime notre liberté d’expression, entrave l’usage loyal (Fair Use) et nuit à la compétition.

You are receiving this email as part of your membership to the Pirate Party of Canada. If you want to be put on our internal do not email list, please contact us at admins@pirateparty.ca

The email address subscribed is: dan@3d6.ca

Vous recevez ce courriel car vous êtes enregistré comme membre du Parti Pirate du Canada. Si vous voulez que l’on vous inscrit sur la liste de personnes a ne pas contacter, veuillez nous contacter a admins@pirateparty.ca

Vous êtes abonnés sur cette adresse de courriel: dan@3d6.ca

Let’s play a game called Danny says…

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Danny says: Potential is like a hard on. It’s only worth having if you use it. Planning to use it is pointless.

Long term…

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

I should get off my ass and take a CCNP course…

It’s been too long

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I haven’t said anything relevant in this place for a very, very long time.

There was a time in my life, that this little tucked away corner of the tripledubdot was all that there was that was keeping me sane, and it is strangely refreshing to not have to rely on this place as a crutch any more.

Having said that though, it does often feel like a very large part of my life is missing, especially since I migrated this thing to wordpress.  It was just a little more fun when this whole thing was held together by with duct tape manufactured out of a couple of bash and perl scripts.

It used to feel, that whenever I had anything to say here, it was going to be oddly profound, even if only in a nerdy way that very few people understood.  Now, I don’t have much to say simply because there is not all that much going on in my life.  It seems like all I do lately is work.  I’ve had a single day off in the last 3 weeks, and it is really starting to get to me.  When I get home from work now, there is so much work to do at the house that I just tend to feel over whelmed by it, and I turn into this apathy soaked wreck who isn’t able to accomplish anything of note.  My will to move forward has really vanished in the last 8 months or so, and I’m stuck in neutral, not actually accomplishing anything of note.

The solution, is pretty simple, I think.  I think that I need a project.  Something that I can hack away at in my spare time, something that will not take up a lot of my time, but something that I can allow myself to become completely engrossed in for an hour at a time or so.  Something that is not related to my facebook, or slashdot accounts.  Something that is mine, and mine alone, that no one else can fuck with.  Something that I can see the results of my hard work.

It has to be something that caters to my talents and desires though.  Something that involves grunt labour isn’t going to cut it.  Something that leaves me feeling more tired than wired, won’t work either.  I need something that will tickle my brain and give me problems to solve, I need something that I can improve.  Something to fix.

Or, I just need 10 days sitting on a beach swilling rum straight from the bottle.

You decide.